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Luther film: The Veste Coburg "plays" the waiting castle 

Somewhat more hagerer than the historical model: Joseph Fiennes as Luther, here with Claire Cox as Katharina of Bora during the turning work for new cinema production "Luther". Photo: NFP/von of the Heydt 

Martin Luther returned to Coburg - to shape of the 31-jaehrigen of Hollywood star Joseph Fiennes ("Shakespeare in Love"). The turning work to the international film project, with the director Eric Till according to private humans Martin Luther and its personal fight with God and the devil in the center to stand is, in the middle of April began. Also of the portion further hochkaraetige of star is such as Peter Ustinov (than cure prince Friedrich of the way), Bruno whole (than Luther's teacher Johann of Staupitz) or also Uwe ox farmhand (as a Pope Leo X.).

Field recordings developed - except in iron oh, Wittenberg and Erfurt - also in Upper Franconia, in Staffelstein and Sesslach. Many citizens of the catholic coined/shaped Sesslach made themselves available as Komparsen for the Luther film. Also the Veste Coburg, in which Luther was during the Augsburger realm daily, plays a role as turning place. The Veste "plays itself" meanwhile not, but must the waiting castle "doubeln", because this changed since the time of the Reformators structurally too strongly. The waiting castle was allowed to hold as a substitute for the historical happening in Worms. The Luther tube again is copied - including the famous spot of ink - in the context of the Studioaufnahmen in the Bavaria Filmstudios green forest: Both on the Veste Coburg and on the waiting castle it is too close for interior turning work. For production and direction of the film a successful team stands: Also the price-crowned film "Bonhoeffer - which had last stage" the German produktionsgesellschaft new film production NFP as well as the American Finanzdienstleister, which realized lutherischen loan bank and relief organization Aid Association for Luther to, and the Canadian director Eric Till. In the spring 2003 the film is to come into the cinemas.

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