Jonathan Firth in The Leper of St. Giles

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Cadfael-Derek Jacobi
Hugh Beringer-Sean Pertwee
Abbot Herribert-Peter Copley
Prior Robert-Michael Culver
Brother Jerome-Julian Firth
Lazarus the leper-John Bennett
Avice of Thornbury-Sarah Badel
Iveta de Massard-Tara Fitzgerald
Agnes Piccard-Susan Fleetwood
Godfrid Piccard-Jonathan Hyde
Joscelyn-Jonathan Firth
Simon-Jamie Glover
Guy Adrian Ross-Magenty
Baron Huon de Domville-Norman Eshley
Sergent Warden-Albie Woodington
Jehan Gabor-Urmai
Brother Oswin-Mark Charnock
Brother Mark-Stanley Kowalski
Baron's Steward-Paul Broughton
Bran-Danny Dyer
Madlen-Marta Bako

Adapted by Paul Pender
Directed by Graham Theakston

Cadfael: "Remember my Lord De Masad. God sees not with the eyes of man. Man only beholds the outward appearance, God looks on the heart."
Lazarus: "And he shall find it here."
Cadfael: "And he shall find it beautiful, as I do."

- Cadfael to Lazarus the Leper(in reality the crusader Lord Gima De Masad), from "The Leper of St. Giles"

The Leper Of Saint Giles
First Published 1981

A great wedding is to take place at the Abbey of Shrewsbury between the powerful Baron Huon De Domville and the young and beautiful Iveta De Massard.  But this is no love match.  The old fat Baron is only interested in Iveta's lands and estates.  The orphaned Iveta loves another - Joscelyn, (Jonathan Firth) a squire in the employee of the Baron.

On their way to Shrewsbury the kind-hearted Iveta throws coin at the poor lepers at the side of the road.  The Baron however strikes out at them with his whip.

The Abbey bustles with preparations for the wedding of the powerful Baron Huon to a beautiful young woman, but on the eve of the momentous day, the Baron rides off alone and disappears.

A savage killing calls Brother Cadfael from his herbarium, and leads him to the leper house of Saint Giles - a sanctuary for the sick, but also a possible refuge for the hunted man .  A situation bound to intrigue the ever-curious Cadfael.

Cadfael-A good man in an evil world.

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