Relic Hunter

With Jon As Eric

Relic Hunter #121 "Possessed" With Jon as Eric (Thanks, Karen K., for the text and snaps)

Synopsis: At the request of Sydney's old friend, author Eric Dalt, she and Nigel rush off to Brussels to search for Zeus' sacred sundial. Eric is convinced that his girlfriend is a lamae, a female vampire descended from Lamia, one of Zeus' lovers. According to ancient Greek mythology, Hera cast a spell on Lamia, turning her into a serpent to keep her away from Zeus. Ever since, her descendants have mesmerized their men, ultimately killing them with the power of their love. The spell can only be broken by the great god's sundial. In Brussels, Sydney and Nigel fear they've discovered modern day lamae, one of whom has set her sights on Nigel. With her trusty assistant in a potent love trance and Eric dying in a hospital, Sydney must take on the female coven - alone. Writer: Rob Gilmer Director: Jean-Pierre Prevost Airing Week of: 5/08/00 The story opens in Libya in the 1300's. A handsome young night discovers an ancient tomb that contains the sundial of Zeus. While he is trying to steal it, his lover appears and confronts him. She declares he will be her husband for eternity..and then kisses him...on the neck, draining his blood. He falls to the floor dead. Pictures and Synopsis by Karen Present day. Sydney receives a plea for help from an old Eric Dalt. He's convinced that his girlfriend Suzanne is a member of a female vampire cult called the Lamae and that she is trying to kill him. Eric has never been sick a day in his life. He's been in the hospital for over a month now. None of the doctors know what's wrong with him. Sydney and Nigel go to the hospital in Brussells, only to find that Eric has disappeared 

They are confronted by Eric's girlfriend Suzanne. She's worried sick about him and doesn't have a clue where to look. Sydney and Nigel go to a local old watering hole where Eric and Sydney used to hang out. 

There they find Eric sitting at a bar nursing a drink, still in his hospital clothes. He's thrilled to see Sydney again. After insulting Nigel (several times) he explains how he's been obsessed with Suzanne from the moment he met her. She has some kind of hypnotic hold over him. And his writing was the best he had ever done. His creative juices were overflowing. And then he got sick. Like his life force was being drained . He followed Suzanne once and saw her involved in some kind of druidlike ceremony with other new-age type women. That's where he saw the sundial. It was being used in some type of initiation.Sydney promises to find the sundial for him "after* she gets him back to the hospital. Once there, they are confronted by a jealous Suzanne who threatens Sydney to stay away from Eric. 

Sydney and Nigel go to the historical house that serves as the headquarters for the Lamae. They witness another initiation by the women, but are seen. As they run away, Nigel makes eye contact with one of the women and is irresistably drawn back to them. They take him captive. One of the women has marked him for her lover. Sydney escapes, but goes back that night to save Nigel and get the sundial. Eric has since slipped into a coma. Once inside, Sydney is captured and tied up against a large stone pentagram. The queen Lamae wants her to be one of them. She explains why they must kill their become immortal. Unbeknownst to her, Suzanne is hidden around a corner, listening to every word. She had no idea she was responsible for Eric being sick. The Queen Lamae explains that the first kill is always done in innocence. After that, the killing is easier...even enjoyable. Suzanne helps Sydney to escape, a fight ensues and Sydney ultimately impales the queen Lamae with a sword...killing her. Sydney and Suzanne then find Nigel and rescue him...after knocking him out cold with a sucker punch. Back at the hospital, Sydney holds the sundial up to the window, but it has no effect on Eric. He barely has a pulse and is rapidly slipping away. Sydney urges Suzanne to use her power to will Eric back to life. To use the love she feels for him. Closing her eyes, Suzanne concentrates on her love for Eric. Slowly he opens his eyes. The first thing he sees is Sydney and the sundial. He is convinced that she saved his life. Sydney tells him that the sundial didn't work. It was the love Suzuanne had for him. He turns back to Suzanne who kisses him. 

The End.