Leprechauns 2

Back at the Fairy Palace, King Boric (Roger Daltery), Queen Morag (Harriet Walter) and their doddering Chamberlain (Clive Merrison) are furiously interrogating their nephew (Count Grogan) about his encounter with the leprechauns. Outraged that he suffered the embarrassment of being trounced by a turnip, the red-faced King and class-sniping Queen demand action. Though the Chamberlain cautions them about the Grand Banshee's injunction against war, the King asserts that his power is mightier than hers. He cowers, however, when a large crow flies in and lands on his throne. The crow morphs into the foreboding woman herself: the Grand Banshee (Whoopi Goldberg).

She commands King Boric to keep the peace, and since she is all- seeing and knows what happened in the brawl, she lays half the blame squarely on Boric's nephew. She then morphs back into a crow and flies away.

Meanwhile, Mickey, Sean and Jericho ride over to the Crock of Gold Tavern, and after a few drinks make plans to crash the Fairies' Grand Midsummer Ball the following night. When Jericho reminds them that invading enemy turf only means trouble and that the Grand Banshee has forbidden fighting, Sean bravely responds that leprechauns are born to make trouble. In no time, they incite three short, hairy goblins to do their own special work; with a little pixie dust and acrobatics, they have the joint jumping in a wild Irish dance.

That night, Mickey, Sean, Barney and Jericho arrive at the glittering fairy palace to crash the Grand Midsummer Ball, disguised to look like all the other guests. Unaware of her lineage, or her intended betrothal to Grogan, Mickey asks Princess Jessica (Caroline Carver), the most beautiful girl at the ball, to dance. Princess Jessica, it turns out, is the only child of King Boric and Queen Morag. As Mickey and Princess Jessica fall in love, Count Grogan begins to suspect that the three interlopers are impostors. As Mickey flees, he exacts a promise from Jessica that she'll meet him later that night.

Having identified and routed the gate crashers, Count Grogan and the King declare revenge. When Mickey eventually tells his father of his new love, Muldoon grows angry and fearful, and warns his son away from the child of their people's sworn enemy.