Midsomer Murders:

The Killings At Badgers Drift

In Britain June/July 2004 - Thanks Andy
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One of fiction's most popular detectives comes alive in this scintillating adaptation of Caroline Graham's bestselling Inspector Barnaby mystery. The beautiful rural area of Midsomer is filled with more than its share of intrigue and colorful characters. Keeping an eye on it all is Inspector Barnaby, a contemplative, comfortably married man with a worrisome college - age daughter and a slow, bumbling assistant, Sergeant Troy. In THE KILLINGS AT BADGER'S DRIFT, an old lady witnesses a shocking event. But before she can tell anyone what she has seen, she dies from what seems to be natural causes. Her dearest friend drags the unwilling Inspector Barnaby into the case. He soon begins to see that certain things just don't add up, then a second gruesome killing confirms his suspicions. Barnaby's investigations into the murders reveal an unexpected sordid side to the sleepy village.

Full Cast and Crew for "Midsomer Murders" (1998)

Cast (in alphabetical order)
Daniel Casey .... Sergeant Troy
Rosalie Crutchley
Joanna David .... Amy
Jonathan Firth .... Michael Lacey
Julian Glover
Anna Massey .... Honoria
Emily Mortimer... Caroline Lacey
John Nettles (II) .... Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby
Elizabeth Spriggs .... Mrs. Rainbird

Don't they look innocent?


The snappy pictures below from the recent A&E Mystery production are thanks to Sharon

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