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Collage from the ITV web page on Far From The Madding Crowd

When Jonathan Firth was in the bath during filming Far From the Madding Crowd he probably sang, 'Hey diddley dee, an actor’s life for me.' Such was the pleasure Jonathan got from being involved in the project. 

'Playing Troy was a fantastic experience. I got to be Dick Turpin and seduce a girl with a sword, and throw myself in the sea.' On a more serious note, Jonathan said, 'One of the things I loved about filming was that you get to go to places that you wouldn't usually dream of. Some of the locations we went to were beautiful - especially Bathsheba’s house. I just wouldn't have known it existed.' 

Jonathan's experience of acting in Far From the Madding Crowd began in slightly less beautiful surroundings than a magnificent stately home. Jonathan, brother of Fever Pitch and Pride and Prejudice star Colin, got the good news that he'd landed the part on the platform of Highbury London Underground station! 

'I was on the platform on my way home from the audition, where I'd read with Paloma, when my mobile phone rang. It was my agent calling to say that I'd been offered the job! I was really surprised. Usually you have to wait at least a few days before you hear.' 

So next time you hear a mobile phone ringing, don't tut because it might be an excellent actor getting some good news! 

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