Jon Firth in Poirot's Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock Episode 1--
Miss Lemon is the perfect secretary. She runs Hercule Poirot's life so that order and method rule supreme. Then one morning, she presents to Poirot a freshly typed letter--containing three mistakes. And Poirot knows that something is terribly wrong. She is worried about her sister, who runs a students' hostel in Hickory Road, because of series of thefts there. . .

These series of mysterious thefts brings Poirot to a London student hostel run by Mrs. Nicoletis (Rachel Bell). Leonard Bateson (Damian Lewis), a medical student, has just returned from a trip to Amsterdam. That evening, someone takes all the light bulbs out of the hostel and steals Leonard's knapsack. Celia Austin (Jessica Lloyd) sees the thief take the knapsack to and from the boiler room, where he cuts it open and takes diamonds out of the lining. (Part 1 of 2)

Hickory Dickory Dock Episode 2
As the residents, one after the other, tell what they know about the thief -- they are murdered. The only witness to the killings is a little mouse. Poirot is saddled with two crimes to solve on Hickory Road: smuggling and murder. Are the students (of which Jonathan Firth is one) involved, or are they merely pawns in someone else's scheme?

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