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Copyright 1995 Associated Newspapers Ltd. DAILY MAIL (London) October 30, 1995

The Bard Henry lV
BYLINE: Peter Paterson

The acting was quite excellent: David Calder as Falstaff, Jonathan Firth as Hal, Rufus Sewell's Hotspur, Ronald Pickup's King Henry, Elizabeth Spriggs as Mistress Quickly, and Paul Eddington, courageously overcoming illness, as Justice Shallow, were all utterly captivating.

Copyright 1995 Times Newspapers Limited The Times
October 30, 1995

BYLINE: Matthew Bond

But for those with the discipline, there was much to enjoy, not least being David Calder's splendid Falstaff, as engaging a rogue as ever, who waddled and wisecracked his way around an artfully lit set. Calder received considerable support from all quarters, but particularly from Jonathan Firth, as Hal, and from Paul Eddington, who with commendable economy ensured that Robert Shallow more than lived up to his name. DAVID CALDER, who gives a staggeringly majestic performance as Jack Falstaff in John Caird's sweeping vision of Henry IV which runs on BBC2 on October 28. Mr Calder's Falstaff is marvellous company. The actor wears a bulging body-suit which he described like 'having a dead frog up your jumper'. Mr Calder leads a superb cast, including Rufus Sewell, Elizabeth Spriggs, Corin Redgrave and Jonathan Firth, who is absolutely outstanding as Hal.

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